As I look ahead...

The last 2 years have really been something. 

While I’m incredibly grateful that my family and I are well my heart goes out to all who have suffered one way or another.  Lately I’ve been reflecting on how our society is coping collectively and concerned about implications of an on-going pandemic. As I go out into the world I find myself sharing extra eye smiles, extra words of comfort and gratitude, extra patience and extra care to those I interact with.  As we look towards 2022 my hope is that we take all of the collective anxiety, pain, stress and suffering and like alchemists we transform it into an abundance of love and care for one another.

My company has transformed dramatically over the last few years with both triumphs and challenges. What I’m most proud of is my incredible team who have made figurative and literal Lemon Aide out of lemons.  With both time and persistence, I’ve managed to create a company culture that is rooted in care, allowing the whole team to contribute, engage, belong and feel confident. In the business world, many leaders might raise an eyebrow and find it hard to accept this philosophy, but I know that this way of operating only leads to great products, which make their way into the hands of great customers like you.  

On a personal level, I have BIG plans for 2022.  They include the following:

  • I intend on filling up my soul with long contemplative baths with my favourite *Spruce Blossom Spa Soak (aka forest bathing for city dwellers)

  • Reducing excess cortisol production (which we know only leads to stress-induced sagging skin and blemishes) by moving and meditating regularly.

  • Caring less about what others think and tapping into my own inner wisdom for guidance.  (*Goddess Aromatic Mist acts as my personal reminder).

  • Using my products to enhance what I already love about myself.

  • Prioritizing time with my children and husband with no phone in sight.

  • Continue sharing joy, laughter, tears and food with those who are near and dear.

  • Continue bringing my dreams into reality.

As I wish you all a wonderful year ahead, I share with you a little quote that you’ve probably read before.  I invite you to reflect on it and take from it what you wish:

“Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference.”

XO, Natacha