2023 - A Clean Fresh Start

What I love about today is reflecting on the year that has passed and the opportunity for a clean fresh start for the year to come. 2022 was filled with exciting milestones (celebrating a decade in business), new innovation (officially launching January 2023) and a re-opening of a new shop (Niagara-On-The-Lake). 2022 also came with some big challenges that forced my team to reorganize, restructure and up-level how we worked. For me personally, the challenges my company faced called upon me to step into a true leadership position.


Shaping this leadership position in a way that suited my personality was a learning curve. I am a nurturer by nature (always have been, always will be). How could I be a strong leader knowing that I was a 'nurturing' type? Well thanks to my incredible team and a special individual I call my 'business guardian angel' I have experienced what it means to lead and grow an organization from the heart. I learned that it's not only possible but this leadership style, rooted in compassion, yields incredible results. As a bonus I discovered that being true to myself in this role gave me energy, rather than deplete.


For this clean fresh start that is upon us I invite you to think about stepping into your own leadership position centered in KINDNESS and of caring for others, creating a new way forward for future generations.


A word of thanks to you, dear customer: for your support, for the hundreds of you who have written such heart-warming testimonials and for believing in the Maison Apothecare team. It's because of you that we continue delivering high-performing, genuinely clean and results-driven products for the whole family.


I'm going to love you and leave you with this quote:

"Humanity, kindness and an innate sense of connection to each other and a belief that we are guardians, not just of our home and our planet but of each other" Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand